About The Company

Lynflex Dominicana Lyn-Flex Dominicana is a company dedicated to manufacture of insoles, leather soles, mid soles and hand sewn shoes. Lyn-Flex Dominican is part of a partnership, that jointly to Lyn-Flex West and Lyn-Flex of Mexico, which with its years of experience in the market of the EUA and of Mexico respectively; they have consolidated to this new but robust company.

Lyn-Flex Dominicana was founded in August 2007, by its president Sr. Wallace McNeill, who with his effort has come developing a valiant work in the construction of insoles, leather soles, mid soles, laminated and other components related to the footwear industry. Our lists of clients on our insole division are: Timberland, Sebago, Wolverine, Allen Edmond, Rocky Boots, Naturalizer and other.

In the middle of year 2009 and motivated by the success achieved in manufacturing insoles, soles and others, Lyn-Flex Dominicana introduces in new division and it is construction of finished shoes, with the acquisition of more space in our facility and the machinery necessary to manufacture the attractive hand sewn shoe.

Lyn-Flex Dominicana in its shoe division is managed and operated with 100% American criteria and counts with a operation manager over 30 years experience in the footwear manufacturing. You may count with our pattern making department. Actually, in our appreciated list of clients are: Timberland, Hitchcock, Private Label Footwear, etc

Lyn-Flex Dominicana will follow in the way of the progress now and it will continue offering a service with quality, reliability and responsibility in each one of its activities.

Thanks to count on your support !!!